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Welcome to Industrial Machinery World. We are specialists in supplying various types of Industrial Machinery. Our stock of machinery comprises: CNC Trurret Punch, Laser Cutting Machine, Press Brakes, Guillotines & Shears and other sheet metal / Fabrication machinery. We dealing in all well renowned brands such as Amada, Mazak, Prima, Bystronic, Trumpf, LVD, Finn-Power, Laser lab, Laserblade, Nisshinbo etc.

We are located in London (UK). We have catered to clients all over the UK, and around the world. We are expanding our footprint globally.

We thoroughly appreciate the importance of finding equipment which suits your requirements, needs minimal maintenance and gives seamless performance, as all this materializes into your profits. That is why our prime goal is to find THE RIGHT FABRICATION MACHINERY for you. We also offer additional services like delivery, installation, inspection & testing of the equipment to make sure that onsite performance of your machine meets your expectations. Moreover, we provide you assistance in training your personnel so that your machine delivers quality performance for a long long time. Additionally, we also offer our assistance in providing spare parts and software for your machine. In case of any trouble with your existing equipment, we offer trouble-shooting services as well.

Our services are highly customized to cater to your diverse requirements effectively. Our expertise and flexibility enables you to choose precisely the kind of assistance you need from us. And we are right here to help you with it.

We have an experienced team of engineers, which has comprehensive expertise in every aspect of industrial machinery. We have in-house hardware facilities to carry-out demonstration of equipment on power. We also have the latest software at our disposal which empowers your machine to work with greater precision.

We are constantly driven by the zeal to provide just the best to you.

Our Values:


    • Customer trust and satisfaction


  • Result orientation



  • Quality



  • Excellence


Best Brands:

Amada | Trumpf | Bystronic | Lvd


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