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If you are looking for any particular metal fabrication machinery and cannot find it on our site then please complete the following form and we will get back to you with the availability of equipment we may have coming into stock.

Important Note to Genuine Buyers !

If you are a genuine buyer, please add as much detail as possible to your enquiry. Full company name, address & email add (i.e. not Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail), website and company telephone numbers will help ensure that your message is treated as a genuine enquiry!

Thank you for your understanding .

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[av_contact_field label=’Type of equipment’ type=’select’ options=’Automatic,Automation,Automotive Eqipment,Balancing,Borer Horizontal,Borer Jig,Borer Vertical,Broaching Macine,Drill CNC,Grinder CNC,CNC Milling Machine,CNC Machining Centre,Machining Centre Horizontal,Machining Centre Vertical,Punch CNC,CNC Tube Bending,Compressors,Crane,Diecasting Equipment,Drill Bench,Drill Multispindle,Drill P.C.D.,Drill Pillar/pedestal,Drill Radial Arm,Electro Discharge Machine,Fabrication Equipment,Facing And Centering,Forging Equipment,Forklift,Foundry Equipment,Gantrie,Gear Machine,Generators,Grinder Centreless, GrinderCylindrical,GrinderInternal,Grinder Misc.,Grinder Ring,Grinder Surface,Grinder Surface Rotary Table,Grinder Thread,Grinder Tools,Grinder Universal,Heat Treatment,Honing Machine,Inspection Equipment,Keyseating Machine,Lapping Machine,Lathe Boring/Surfacing,Lathe Capstan,Lathe Centre With Gap,Lathe Centre Straight, Lathe Turrent,Linishers/Polishers,Machanical Handling Equipment, Metal Finishing Equipment,Milling CNC, Milling Copy,Milling General,Milling Horizontal,Milling Plano,Milling Production,Milling Turrent,Miilling Universal,Milling Vertical,Miscellaneous,pipe/Tube Bending & Cutting Machine,Planing Machine,Plastic Machinery, Press Dieing,Press Double-sided,Press Equipment,Press Hydraulic,Press Mechanical,Press Open Gronted,Press Transfer,Punching And Cropping,Rollforming Equipment,Rotary Transfer Machine,Saw Band,Saw Cold,Saw Power Hacksaw, Saw Vertical,Shaping Machine,Sheet Metal Folders/Benders,Sheet Metal Miscellaneous,Sheet Metal Press Brakes,Sheet Metal Rolls,Sheet Metal Shears/Guillotines,Slitting Equipment,Slotting Machine,Spark Eroders,Spring Machnery,Steelworks Machinery,Strip And Wire Formers,Tappers,Threading Machine,Thread Rollers,Transformer,Tool and cuter grinder,Welding,Wire Eroders,Wire Machinery,Used Woodworking,Other machine or special tool’ check=’is_empty’ width=’element_half’]
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