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Influence of programming on the life of punching tools

Correct programming of a punching machine affects directly the life of its punching tools. The number of punches a tool can make in a punching machine is closely related to the programming of the same. Poor programming can greatly reduce the life of the punching tools.

When making a program, you must take into account that the tool should work at least to 2/3 of his section, in order to avoid as much as possible the decompensation of the punch, and prolong considerable the life of the tool.

In the event that alternate punches must be programmed, which are mainly used for thick sheet metal punching, machining of the slots must be performed in two operatons, so one in every two punches is left undone. This results in centred and balanced punches, so that the force used on either side is the same, which avoids tool wear.

Following these helpful tips, the life of the tooling of your punching machine will be extended, with the consequent economic saving this entails. In DANOBAT we can supply all kind of punching tools, in addition to solve all your doubts in this regard.


Sheet metal loading through automation in laser cutting machines

The sheet metal division of DANOBAT, as manufacturer of fiber laser cutting machines, offers different solutions to perform automatically the sheet metal loading in its machines.

The simplest option is the fit a rotating arm with a suction-pads grid, to feed the machine. In this case, the cut part unloading is performed manually by the operator.

This same system can be optimized by adding to this grid a comb system to unload the blanks automatically.

This is a flexible and economic solution but it requires quite a lot of space, since it requires the installation of two automation posts, one to carry out the loading of blanks and one for the unloading of the finished formats.

In case the customer does not have much space, the best solution is a compact system for automatic loading and unloading of blanks. This system consists of two transverse posts upwards, over laser cutting machine standard feeding position, just taking up a little more than the space occupied by the same laser cutting machine. The system consists of a suction-pads grid integrated into the structure for the sheet loading and a set of combs for the parts unloading.